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2014 Ford Transit Van

2014 Ford TransitIn the second half of this year, Ford will introduce the 2014 Transit van to the American market, thereby replacing the aging E-Series model. It is basically the full-size van that Ford has been offering in the European and Asian markets for many years.
Despite a recent make-over in these markets, Ford made further adjustments and refinements to this version of the Transit van, to account for the different uses and expectations of the American consumer.


In addition to the currently available wheelbases and lengths in the Econoline models, the Transit will offer a selection different heights, lower weight but increased payloads and reduced fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Of course, that will probably be offset by higher suggested retail prices, which are, as of this moment, not yet released.


Van buyers are offered the ultimate choice of three lengths in addition to three roof heights. The 2014 Transit features a low roof ( 56”int. / 83”ext. ), a medium roof ( 72”int. / 101”ext. ) and a high roof ( 82”int. / 110”ext. ), while supporting a 130 inch or 148 inch wheelbase and single- or dual rear wheels. Its rear cargo doors swing open up to 270 degrees and give complete access to the van.


The extended roof lines have led to improved interior heights, with heights that start with 56 inches for the low roof, 72 inches for the medium roof and 81 inches for the high roof model. With the latter one easily accommodating a full-size person.

Engine Choices

The 6-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive are implemented with your choice of the following engines.

The 2014 Transit has integrated the opening for filling the 26-gallon fuel tank with the driver’s side door.


The new design has resulted in improved fuel efficiency and substantially lower maintenance costs.

All information in this article updated as of January 2013.

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