Creek Crossings and Spectacular Views

This trip in the fall of 2022 will lead me on a 14-day tour of northern Georgia, southern Tennessee and a slice of South Carolina.

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The van did its first successful creek crossing through shallow water and the rest of the day was filled hiking to some awesome peaks in Georgia and Tennessee.

High Shoals Boondocking

My attempt to stay overnight at this trailhead failed, after a local ranger intervened. During the following pleasant conversation he directed me to a roadside location about a mile down the road. It would be pretty spot without passing traffic.

High Shoals Boondocking

Brasstown Bald Trail

One of these touristy locations with a shuttle bus and a huge parking area. Hardly the place that I like to visit. Yet it was an early fall morning, the shuttle wasn’t running yet and I was the first to enter the parking area.

Had a nice, but steep 0.75 mile walk up to the viewing platform without seeing anyone else. Most of this platform is dog-friendly, except for the tower, and the all-around views are truly breathtaking.

Brasstown Bold

It is a great family destination with easy access and wonderful views; and if you dislike the crowds, do like me and get there early in the morning.

Wagon Train Trail

Surprisingly, a little up the mountain, this side trail is easily missed, but will lead you into a hike through tunnels of rhododendrons and mountain laurel, unexpectedly devoid of other hikers.

A hike into the lush Brasstown wilderness with some epic summit views along the way.

Wagon Train Trail

The 7 mile trail follows the road, originally constructed as part of Georgia’s Route 66 and built in the 1950’s by convict labor.

Track Rock Gap Petroglyph Site

The best-known of the petroglyph sites in Georgia. The six large soapstone boulders contain hundreds of symbols carved or pecked into their surface. As old as 8,000 BC, no one knows the exact meaning of the symbols or glyphs which represent animals, birds, tracks and geometric figures.

For me one of the highlights of the day, becomes a disappointment when I noticed the recently placed, but still temporary signs, indicating a temporary closing. Most likely a result of vandalism of these unique historical artifacts.

Track Rock Petroglyphs

Knowing some of its history and the larger archaeological zone around here, I decide to continue my trip, but to return and explore the surrounding area and history at a later date.

Conasauga Falls Trail – Tennessee

Soon I cross over into Tennessee and when I arrive, the sun is already low at the horizon. Joey and me are quickly getting into our hiking gear for the short one mile trail in/out to a decent waterfall.

The waterfall did not disappoint and there was enough time left to sit down, explore and enjoy the falls, while the sum slowly disappeared behind the hills.

Conasauga Falls

The trail was a short and easy downhill track with at the end a somewhat steep and narrow part; hiking back to the van became a lot tougher and soon took my breath away.

As we reached our home on wheels, we found ourselves all alone and the light quickly disappearing. Time for dinner!

Conasauga Falls Boondocking

This fairly remote end of the road was the perfect location to spend the night. We ate a simple meal and I did the usual video transfers, while Joey promptly took a nap after a day worth of hiking. It was quiet that night.


  • High Shoals Fall Boondocking ➜ 34.8028, -83.7191
  • Wagon Train TH ➜ 34.8711, -83.8093
  • Brasstown Bald TH ➜ 34.8702, -83.8103
  • Track Rock Gap Petroglyph Site ➜ 34.8820, -83.8779
  • Conasauga Falls TH ➜ 35.3077, -84.3288
  • Conasauga Falls Boondocking ➜ 35.3077, -84.3288

Trail Download – GPX

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