12V Charging Kit

Complete setup for a 12V DC-DC Converter Kit.

12V Charging Kit

Complete setup for a 12V DC-DC Converter Kit.

Alternator Charging 12V Kit

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12V DC-DC Converter | Wiring | Fuses

With the arrival of large capacity Lithium batteries, there is a greater need for a supplemental source of charging power, in addition to the usual solar roof panels

All you need is to add alternator charging to your existing RV. This kit comes with everything you need to charge your batteries with up to 30Ah, while driving and requires very little effort to install.


DC-DC Converter$210$232
Welding Cable | Lug Ring Terminals$56$75
Fuse Holder/Fuses$13$13
Estimated Total Cost1$279$320

Isolated VS Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter

Required Components

Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart DC/DC Charger
Connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and easily monitor your converter.

In an isolated converter, the input and output stage have separate grounds whereas in a non-isolated converter, current is able to flow directly between the two sides as they share a common ground. An isolated converter uses a positive and negative wire to complete the circuit.

A fuse should be located at both ends of the wiring.

Calculate the required fuse amperage as follows:
– Appliance Max. Wattage / 12V = Max. Current.
– Max. Current x 1.25.
– Round up to next fuse size.

The suggested wire size and length should be sufficient for a car or van up to 20′ in length. Always recalculate both length and size, since a wire that is too small can overheat and possibly start a fire.

On-line Blue Sea Wire Calculator

  • Determine the circuit in Volts (12V).
  • Determine the current in Amps.
  • Determine the circuit length in feet (roundtrip distance from power source to the product).
  • Select allowable voltage drop.*

*Circuits, with up to 3% voltage drop, include:
– Panel main feeders
– Electronics
*Non-critical circuits, with up to 10% voltage drop, include:
– General lighting
– General appliances

All Materials

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