Grand Gulch Primitive Area

An ‘Outdoor Museum’ in this remote corner of Utah; the outdoor enthusiast will find scenic beauty and archaeological ruins abound.

37.000 acres filled with protected canyons, Anasazi Indian ruins that are around 800 to 1200 years old and many pictographs and petroglyphs.

A 50 miles long area with many easy and difficult access points that allows you to hike from one day to several weeks.

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Easy access with your van at Kane Gulch Ranger Station, off UT261, a few miles away from Natural Bridges National Monument. From here you can make several day hikes and if you are up for it, spend 2-3 days down Kane Gulch, through Grand Gulch, with an exit at Bullet Canyon and back to where your van is parked.

Make sure you get and pay for your permits at the ranger station. You can spend weeks here and see enough history to last a lifetime.

For the best experience, avoid the heat and rain in July and August. This desert can be cold in winter.

Most Vandwellers like pets, but…
Pets are not allowed in any of the Grand Gulch Canyon or its tributaries.

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