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A collection of van conversion projects, mods and material lists, free to download.

My name is Van Williams and I have been showing people how to do Van Conversions since 2012 and I really believe that it’s a good option for those of us who want an RV, yet don’t have the money and spend a fortune on a factory model.
Whether you do a complete conversion or only individual modifications, the enhancements to your vehicle will give you the opportunity to experience America’s Outdoors in some luxury.
My Mods vary from the very simple to more complicated projects and feature detailed videos and photos along with step-by-step guides.
Learn new skills and enhance your leisure time!

I keep you up-to-date with new Mods (projects) and I will publish your achievements.

Every Mod includes,,,
  • Videos
  • Tools list
  • Material list
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Detailed photo gallery
  • Website Support

Mod 6 – Coming Up
Murphy Bed

Mod 7
Customer Connection Point
Adding Amps To The CCP

Mod 9 – In Progress
Car Radio Replacement

Mod 10
In Progress
4 Camera Mobile DVR

Mod 11
In Progress
Roof Vent

Mod 12
In Progress
15 Amp RV Hookup Cable

Mod 13
In Progress


    1. Although I’m just an amateur woodworker, he is one of the few ‘converters” I would strive to imitate. That makes you a good observer!
      But let’s first see what I can accomplish. Right now I’m working on several mods: I just finished the interior adapter for the roof vent earlier in the day, I’m setting up some of the 12V wiring, working on the window frame behind the bed and installing a mobile dvr with cameras and display. Keep watching!

      Van Williams

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