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Comprehensive tool list for all the projects in this build guide

Buying an empty van and making it your dream RV, is extremely fulfilling. But Stop! Take a step back! Do you realize, that you’ll be working on it every day of the week for a year?

Converting a van is usually much more expensive than expected and takes much longer to finish; and sometimes you need a professional to be able to proceed.

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Just look at all the different tools. Do you know, what they are used for? Do you have the experience with plumbing or electrical work? What about voltage drop? 12V, 24V or 48V?

As this guide grows with new projects, more tools will appear. Is it overwhelming? Read the first few chapters of this guide and see if you have done your homework. Much hardship is to follow, yet more experience and satisfaction will be yours.


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Electrical Tools

Plumbing Tools

General Tools

Shop Tools

Having your own woodworking workshop would be of great benefit, when you are converting your van, but not everyone does and acquiring some of these large woodworking machines, such as jointers, planers and table saws, is quite expensive.

In line with the intention of this guide, to keep things simple and inexpensive, there is an alternative; build your own DIY woodworking tools such as a table saw, that is sufficiently accurate to cut the parts for the base cabinets and a lot more.

You can find some references on how to build low-cost DIY woodworking machines HERE.


The missing parts of the complete van conversion process are being added regularly to this Build Guide. If you want to suggest a specific build option for this guide, submit a content correction or have a general inquiry, send me an email.

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Disclaimer: Throughout this guide, all guidance, building techniques and other information are based on my own experiences of converting a cargo van into a Tiny House on wheels. This guide is only for informational purposes; always build according to local and national standards. Be aware that such a project is expensive, requires a substantial amount of broad knowledge of building techniques and involves more work hours than you can imagine. Besides of hitting a finger with a hammer, much more serious harm can be done when you work with 12V/120V electrical systems, propane installations, power tools, etc. Tapping into the vehicle’s own systems can also damage its functionality. Get professional help where needed; never take any risk!

1By Frank Carroll – Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.