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Safety & Rescue Gadgets

After working some more on the kitchen countertop, I sit down and show some of the safety and rescue items that should be part of any Vanlife experience. Especially, when you head out to boondock or while off-road driving.


Kitchen Countertop

The movable part of the countertop, that hides the induction cooktop, returns to the workshop to be finished. The top is sanded with an orbital sander, starting with 80 grit and followed by 120, 180, 240 and 320 grit. I may give it a final manual sanding with 500 grid. Then the edges are sanded down by hand, to remove the sharp edges.

Before applying a finish, I clean the wood with some paint thinner. This will clean the material and give a temporary view of what the end result will look like. The thinner will evaporate quickly.

I prepare some Shellac Flakes and leave them until the next day, before I apply the Shellac. For now, I go up to four coats with a 1000 grit sanding between coats.

Safety Gadgets

I is necessary to stay safe when living in your van and so far, I have installed the following items.

Rescue Gadgets

I know that my travels will force me off-road to locations where I can boondock (dispersed camping), in pursuit of a quiet camping spot with a stunning view. That brings along an increased risk of getting stuck at a location, where help is not readily available.


I have decided to bring with me, several items that will help me get back to civilization.

While I was on a spending spree, getting many of these items, I also bought:


Jellas Orbit Sander
Trash Pickers
GooLoo GP4000 Jump Starter
Traction/Recovery Boards
Tire Repair Kit
TEKTON 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller – Come-A-Long
Foldable Shovel
Red Outdoor Fabric
Motocraft JK6553 Drive Belt
Motocraft ‎JK4577A Drive Belt
Car Window Glass Hammer
Fire Extinguisher
Foldable Dog Food Bowls
Shellac Flakes
Woodworking Clamps
Woodworking Glue
Paint Thinner

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