Electrical Wiring (5)

12V Cooling Fan

The compartment under the bed that will hold the charger, controller, inverter, etc. is a small enclosure and needs some form of cooling.  I choose a 5” computer fan with thermal control, that automatically adjusts its speed as the temperature rises. Other considerations were low noise level (<18dB), high airflow volume (up to 42cfm) and low current (<0.2A).




8182The package includes the fan, the thermal sensor, an extension wire and some screws.



83Installation will be as high as possible, because that’s where the hot air is. I make a simple paper pattern of the opening of the fan and glue it with some spray adhesive, on the outside of the compartment.



8485With a Dremel tool, a rough opening is created and later sanded smooth. At the same time the screw holes are predrilled.



8687The fan is now installed directly under the 12V Power Socket with the 4 included screws.



Now we need an outside cover.



A solid, but thin piece of cherry will function as the base for the fan cover. A small piece of window screening material is applied to both sides of the cover and fastened with a few staples. Two screws hold it in place.


The toilet is still visible under the pull-out shelf; next to it are the 12V power socket and the new fan with cover. At the end of the bed, at the rear doors, is an entry light and a 110V outlet. The flooring is Trafficmaster Allure Ultra.




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