Bluetti EB55

Just got this Bluetti EB55 in the mail. The company send this to me without any strings attached, just for some exposure. Ordinarily, I just don’t do these things, unless it really fits within the character of this channel. It arrived at the right time, as I have been looking for one of these for a while; had still some storage available in the cabinets under the Murphy bed.

For now I have to say that it is really well packaged and the power station looks cool. Has almost too many outlets, with every group switched separately. We’ll have to see if the 537Wh is enough to be useful in the van.

Ultimately, I will be using it as an emergency power supply, for convenience outside on a campsite or any other useful purpose, I stumble onto. On the road I will likely charge it while driving or by connecting directly to one or both of the mobile and flexible solar panels, that I always carry with me. Have to check all of that out in the upcoming weeks and see if that is practical.

Don’t expect a review or alike; I’ll be using it for a couple of months, during the build and while traveling and then let y’all know, what I like and dislike about it.

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