Design Changes

Design changes inherently happen while building my projects and regularly result in an improved outcome. This time I have to settle for a diminished functionality.

Building the multi-use cabinet at the side doors of the van has been progressing without much difficulties during the last few weeks. During the same period, I have been struggling with the details of the drawers. Part of the design was for them to open both on the inside of the van, as well as on the outside with the side doors open. This complicated how to ‘lock’ the drawers for travel. The advice from one of the readers helped me settle on a bullet catch, strategically set on the side of each of the drawers.

Strict guidelines I made for myself, required a very simple, straight line and flush front face of the cabinet, void of elaborate embellishments. That limits where the drawers slides can be placed and as I found out, created an impossible design. After a lot of soul searching, I decided to limit the dual functionality of the central drawer, in order to keep the overall design intact.

This week I’ll continue the work on the foldable shelf as I concurrently prepare the wood needed for the drawers.




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