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Southeast Georgia

This next trip will lead me on a 14-day tour of eastern Alabama, western Georgia and a slice of Tennessee.

Today I start as usual from my home base in West-Central Florida and drive several hundred miles north into the state of Georgia.

A much more detailed account of the trip can be found at

Presidential Flavor

Most of the remainder of this first day, I will spend in a little town called Plains. Well-known for its peanuts, this little, sleepy town was made famous by Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the United States.

It seems that all of Plains is centered around this same theme. The local industry continues to be focused on peanuts, with a processing plant next to the town center.

Just a 0.25 mile north, the Jimmy Carter National Historical Site is located in the former Plains High School building. I attempted a visit, but with temperatures in the 100s and a lack of a shaded parking spot. I preferred to skip this in favor of my dog companion Joey.

Another part of the Jimmy Carter NHS is the Carter family farm, which is located only 2 miles outside of town. With plenty parking and few other visitors, I had the place to myself.

My short stay here, showed to me how his personality and lifestyle still permeates the character of this town.


Many small parks in rural America allow primitive camping, often at pretty, but remote locations. One such park is Root Creek Park which is part of the Eufaula NWR.

VanLife Computer

I previously created a permanent power setup for the desktop computer, which consisted of a 12V to 19V converter with a relatively higher amperage rating for the additional monitor, a wall switch plus 30A relay and a wall power outlet. All connected to the house battery bank.

The computer that I use is a complete desktop substitute with a minimal size, connected directly to the 12V system. No 110V inverter needed. The mini format Asus PN51 was chosen for its support of one USB-C cable that supplies both power AND signal to a monitor.

The computer setup is completed with a wireless keyboard and mouse.


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