Floor Vents Revisited

floor vent

The effectiveness of a floor vent in my conversion van remains uncertain, but now that my new Ford Transit has finally arrived, the right location can be established.

Ventilation poses a major problem in my new Ford Transit. The factory-installed, glued-in All-Around Windows look great, yet offer few opportunities for cross-ventilation. My research has led me to believe, that a forward placed floor vent, has the potential, not only to replace the usual window ventilation, but to substantially improve on it.
With the actual vehicle now available for close inspection, I have begun my search for the best location for this floor vent. The main requirements are a 10-15 square inch area (3x3in. to 4x4in.), that allows access to the underside of the van and a forward location (maximum distance from the rear roof vent).

vent door locationA closer inspection of my primary location of interest, the step-in area at the sliding side door, reveals two options:

  • Along the vertical back wall.
    This has easy access and a forward location, yet very conspicuous.
  • On the far left (see insert).
    Hidden under an overhang, a perfect spot to install the hardware. It’s central location, may diminish the effectiveness of the convection.

vent wall locationMy attention quickly focuses on the left side of the van, immediately behind the driver’s seat. This is the future location of the Murphy bed, with many options to incorporate a vent access point.

vent wall locationvent wall locationvent wall location

The side wall is a big cavity, likely to be filled with lots of insulation. Approximately 3-1/2 inch deep and 12 inch long, it offers ample opportunity for the creation of a vent hole to the underside of the vehicle.


vent wall locationvent wall locationThe wall cavity continues under the van, ending in a seemingly unfinished side opening. Well-protected from car fumes and road debris and easily finished with a screened cover.

Looking upwards into the cavity, you can see the area that needs to be penetrated, for access to the cargo floor.
vent wall location
One other floor vent location remains to be found under the refrigerator as soon as the final layout plan is completed.

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