Gray Water Tank & RV Woodworking Bench

As usual, I’m working on different projects at the same time. The gray water tank is central to the future separating toilet, the shower, water heater and kitchen sink installation.

The woodworking bench has been a recent addition to the van conversion. For a long time, I envisioned a regular chair (surely made by myself as a woodworking achievement) as an addition to the desk; lately my concern for the lack of storage, I was already replacing the chair for a piano seat type of bench with storage underneath.

While playing with the design of it, I came up with the idea of perhaps creating a folding workbench for my woodworking hobby. I found several ideas from which I designed this bench, that folds up into a piano seat. Ultimately I would still have the seat at the desk, but not the extra storage. What I would gain, is an opportunity to bring along my woodworking hobby on the road, including some of my basic tools.

Time will tell if the entire concept works under these circumstances and moreover whether it is a practical idea or a nuissance, that is of no use to a vandweller.I will have given it my best shot.

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