Hyundai H350: Will This Change My Mind….?

The three major brands have introduced their new European style Cargo Vans to the American market and I am finally ready to pick the best one that fits my requirements. Yet I may have to hold off for a little longer, as rumors persist of several new entries that may tease the American buyer.

As I wrote here before, the Hyundai H350 was introduced in 2014 to the European market and now it has been spotted, disguised and all, driving around in California. Other manufacturers, like Nissan with its NV400 Euro Van, would also like to grab a piece of Ford’s and GM’s market share. And the declining sales of the Chevy Express may force GM to quickly introduce its European Movano (based on the Renault Master).

Choice is always good, but these vans really lack much variety and for the untrained eye, they all very much look alike. Only a substantial price discount may attract buyers to these new models and that’s what we may get with the Hyundai H350.

New introductions do carry a risk; production problems will occur during the first few years and the lack dealer support has to be addressed too. Should I consider waiting….?


  1. Buy one now and get to work. By the time you finish it you’ll realize the changes you would have made. So then you post and sell V.1 and get a 2017 maybe something. The real difference overall is front-wheel (CA) vs. NOT (others). Get a Ford and it outfitted proper, you might get Quigley to sponsor you for a $WD
    (that’s 4WD) conversion too. Sponsorship of product in any new build is a consideration. Don’t expect more than the profit side of Q’s conversion ($ 1/2?). Just a thought.

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