I Like Dirt

I never liked tile or vinyl floors. Of course, the quality of vinyl flooring has improved substantially over the years, yet getting up in the morning and having my warm feet struggle with the coolness that a tile floor can bring, still raises my anxiety level.

Dustpan and Brush

And then there is the cleaning: whether it’s a footprint, a smear or some random dust, one always has a broom nearby, just in case…

No, nothing to compare with the warm feeling of carpet and the once-a-week vacuum… Until now!

Trafficmaster Allure UltraThe constraints posed on electricity usage in the van conversion led to the exclusion of a vacuum, and made me decide to go with Trafficmaster Allure Ultra, a heavy vinyl flooring material.

It took a while, getting used to. It’s moisture resistance is a great feature, but the amount of dirt accumulating in such a small area is extraordinary. Until I realized that it could have been hiding in that plush carpet! It would be invisible, but the carpet would never really be clean.

It’s a new day and I’m a happy b(r)oomer.


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