Induction Cooktop

I continue working to finish the ceiling in small increments; this time above the wardrobe closet.

The main focus this week is on the installation of the induction cooktop. The storage for this cooktop is under the kitchen countertop, where I have a tray to store it in and some more storage space under that.

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The tray is too big though and it takes two attempts to get it to the right size. The need to resize the tray lies with the decision to install a separate kitchen faucet, to the right of the planned sink; this way, I can maximize the size of the sink and get better access to the storage behind the countertop.

While most of the countertop will be fixed to the cabinets below, the far right part, that houses the cooktop, will have a hinge in the back. Lifting of the countertop will be supported by a small hydraulic strut.

Next step is preparation of the rough Mahogany for the kitchen countertop.


Induction Cooktop
Hydraulic Strut
Jellas Orbit Router
Automotive Tweed
Black Screws & Finish Washers
3M-77 Spray Glue
Woodworking Clamps
Wood Glue

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