Insulate Your RV Floor – Part Two

Paper Plywood Templates

After having done the preparation by removing the tie-downs and by applying sound insulation to the wheel wells, I’m preparing to cut the plywood sheets to fit around the wheel wells and pillars.

You can read in greater detail about this part of the project at Insulated Floor – Paper Templates.

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Making these paper templates is optional, but it makes life a little bit easier when working on these large plywood sheets in the workshop.

In my 2016 Ford Transit templates are only needed for the wheel wells and C pillars, but in other vehicles there could be a greater call for specific templates around the cargo area.

With the paper templates ready, the next steps in this project are to cut the insulation material to size and apply the plywood sheets to the floor.

This was the second step in preparation to lay the insulated floor in the van; each step will be documented in great detail and published as a complete project. As with my other projects, the Insulated Floor Project can be viewed at the project page and you can download the complete FREE guide, after the project is finalized.

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