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February 6, 2016


I say “semi” because I don’t want any water or refrigerator. All I want is shore power access with 30 amp, the ability to use a microwave and induction cooktop. A TV and a platform bed. Also AC with a heat pump that doesn’t run off the car engine going. We attend dog shows so we want to be able to sleep in it with the dog crates under the bed. What I want to know is since I am buying the Ford Transit extended length, high top van, do I things like a heavy duty alternator and dual batteries or ???? Not sure what it would need to accomplish my “semi conversion”. Thank you for any suggestions.


Dear Barbara:
It’s difficult for me to give a specific answer, without knowing in greater detail about your planned conversion.
The dual battery option is in general required whenever you have greater electrical needs in your van. For instance when you plan to use the optional power inverter (12V to 110V). Consequently, you would then need the heavier alternator to keep both batteries charged. More commonly, that same heavier alternator is used to charge a house battery bank (one or more batteries used independent from the van’s electrical system, to power 12V appliances, like in a regular RV).

My impression is, that you plan to travel from campground to campground and always use electrical hookups to power your appliances. By the way, a roof air usually doesn’t run off a 12V battery powered system; you would need 110V connection to run it.
That would mean you would need a 30 or 50 Amp connection to run your 110V appliances, such as a microwave, induction cooktop, TV and A/C. And if desired, a converter for any 12V appliances.
Van Williams


Thank you for your response. Now I know I must order my Ford Transit van with dual batteries and a heavy duty alternator. I am just putting a platform bed and TV in the van and some electric to run the appliances. Also the 30 amp connector for campgrounds. Here is a picture of a van I saw recently at a dog show. I wanted to know what I would need to do this.

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