Mahogany Countertop

This Mahogany countertop is meant for the two lower cabinets closest to the sliding door.

Made out of 8ft long, 6in wide and 2in thick raw lumber, I first cut it to the four feet length, needed for these cabinets. The next step is to joint the narrow and wide sides at a 90° angle.

I continue by slicing the board into two on the table saw, by raising the blade by increments on both sides. With this 6 inch wide board, I will fail to cut all the way through, but the last 1/2 inch is done with a handsaw.

All this sawing reveals the structure of the wood. I have sapwood on all the boards and have an option to remove the sapwood and use four cut boards to create the countertop, but I choose to incorporate some sapwood in the final design.

The three chosen boards are planed to the same width of approx. 3/4 inch on the planer. The remaining side is cut to a 90° angle on the table saw.

It takes some time to sort out the three boards on color and profile. When I finally have a pleasing design, I glue them together and clamp them down. I’m left with an 18 inch wide piece for the 15 inch cabinets. Lots of sandng now to get both sides virtually flat and smooth.

Time to do a fitting in the van. Once that is approved by Joey, I will scribe the right side against the large storage cabinet and make it first fit there. Then the same thing for the back edge and left side of the countertop.


Woodworking Clamps
Orbit Sander

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