Murphy Bed Frame

murphy bed support

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The Murphy Bed is the single most needed component of this conversion. The installation begins with creating some attachment points to the van.

ceiling-boardThe plywood floor is an ideal base for the bed and cabinets, yet the metal ceiling and upper wall need some additional bracing. I prepared a 1-1/2in x 3/4in x 9′-6” board (3.75cm x 2cm x 290cm) on my tablesaw, jointer and planer, but the same is also available at the local home improvement store.

The board is placed against the ceiling cross members at about 9 inches (22.5cm) from the wall (which is dependent on the depth of the bed or cabinets).

plusnutThe connection to the metal skeleton of the vehicle must be robust, to prevent it from dislodging, even in the case of an accident. Plusnuts create a secure tie and are easy to install. I bought these on-line: Plusnuts at Amazon (affiliate link)

In a previous step, the wall panel was constructed and with this support in place, I can continue with the Murphy Bed frame and the cabinet dividers.


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