Nissan NV400 Euro Van


For many years, the Cargo Van market has suffered from a lack of innovation; this dry spell ended recently with the introduction of the Nissan NV200, the RAM ProMaster and the upcoming 2015 Ford Transit.

Now Nissan is introducing a larger NV400 van into the European market, which looks very similar to the Transit and ProMaster, that share the same European origin. After a closer look however, the cargo van appears to be a variation on the Renault Master MKIII van, also known as the Opel Movano and Vauxhall Movano.

nv400-2Its configurations are similar to the Ford Transit: four lengths, three heights and three different wheelbases. With a cargo volume of up to 600 cubic feet and a 2.3-L 4-cyl. diesel engine, this van also comes with front, rear and all-wheel-drive versions.

Will Nissan bring the NV400 to the US and do we really need more choice for our van conversions?


  1. This sounds like a direct competitor to the 2014 Sprinter 4 cyl 7 speed diesel Sprinter. All these comparisons should compare to the Sprinter as it is the current USA Euro van standard these all compete with.

    I think it is good that Sprinter gets some serious competition here in the US. They will have to step up their game in design and in service or they will risk fading away.

  2. The NV400 is just a badge engineered Renault Master, as is the Opel and Vauxhall. . You can get up to 170 horsepower and a quickshift 6 speed auto gearbox. The big advantage over the mercedes sprinter is that the body is wider so that traverse beds can be fitted, which makes more interior space for motorhome conversions, no silly window pods are required as in the Sprinter. In europe the Master is cheaper than the Sprinter and i think a much better drive, it doesn’t roll as much as the sprinter. I have driven all the latest Euro vans up to 3500kg and selected the Master as the best vehicle for my needs. My motorhome conversion has 150hp and is very nippy even though it weighs 3700 kg. Check out my conversion i own at

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