Power storage

The choice of 6V deep cycle flooded cell batteries is mostly based on performance, availability and price point. The disadvantage of requiring maintenance and venting can be incorporated in the monitoring process, making it part of a schedule.

Walmart, Sams Club and Costco carry these ‘golf cart’ batteries, often at a very low price. The Trojan T-105 battery is a good alternative if nothing else is available.


Calculate battery bank size in AmpHours


basic formulas
Amps = watts / volts
1 amp AC = 10 amps DC


Calculating the energy requirements needs an inventory of all electrical appliances.


appliance amp/hr hrs/day ah
Induction cooktop 65.0 0.50 33.00
fantastic fan 1.9 4.00 7.60
propex heater 1.4 1.00 1.40
waterpump 2.0 0.25 0.50
novakool fridge 1.5 15.00 23.00
Inverter 0.7 0.50 0.35
laptop 8.0 2.00 16.00
fluorescent 15w light 1.0 2.00 2.00
led 34W light (4.5W) 0.5 2.00 1.00
battery charge controller 0.1 18.00 1.80
total Ah a day 86.65
conversion losses 20% 17.35
daily Ah need 104.00


Daily average RV use is less than 100Ah

Batteries should never be drained more than 50% of full charge. With an estimated daily use of 104Ah, a minimum battery capacity of 104Ah x 2 = 208Ah is needed.
Two 6V batteries @ 210Ah would suffice, while four 6V batteries @ 420Ah would provide 2-3 day buffer on rainy days.

Inverter Selection: Temporarily replacing the propane cooktop with an induction plate, requires a 1000W-1500W inverter.


batteries panels inverter
four 6V @ 420Ah optimally 420W 1000W-1500W


Phase in the installation:

  • Start with two 6-volt batteries.
  • Add a battery monitor with cumulative AmpHours.
  • Battery charger.
  • Medium size inverter to run the cooktop.

Expand your system as needed.



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