Mod: 4 Camera Mobile DVR


For convenience and security reasons, a four camera DVR will be part of this van conversion. It will record continuously, offer independent views of the traffic behind the vehicle and allow me to know who’s outside at night without opening a door or window.

To integrate the display into the dashboard, I’ll have to replace the radio and use a double din kit to fit it in. Holes drilled into the mirrors and at the brake light and wires pulled and hidden to the DVR. GPS and WiFi antennas, relays, ACC and turn signals from the car computer.

This project is subdivided into three smaller projects, that are each documented with videos, photos and a step-by-step guide. When the project is completed, the entire guide will be made available as a FREE download below.

mdvr camerasSTEP ONE: Cameras
Placing the four cameras around the vehicle. Drilling holes, removing mirrors and pulling wires to the DVR.
mdvr displaySTEP TWO: Display
For a good overall result, I also replaced the standard car radio, including parts of the dashboard which are replaced with a Ford Transit dashboard kit from Metra.
mdvrSTEP THREE: Mobile DVR
Hooking up the DVR and installing the GPS and WiFi antennas. Extensive testing and programming this setup.

Other projects of this Van Conversion:

I’m just a DIY’er with a lot of common sense, but with some of the projects, I use some tools and materials, that require you to really know, what you’re doing. Always read the manual and consult an expert if you’re in doubt.

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