Mod: Car Radio Replacement


The Ford Transit Is equipped with the standard AM/FM radio, which is more than sufficient for the little use it gets. In combination with GPS on a separate tablet, I had my ideal setup. That changed with the intended installation of a 4 camera car DVR. Its display needed to be integrated in the radio, to avoid any cluttering on the dashboard.

The new basic radio will include a built-in GPS and an A/V input (for the DVR signal). Changing the radio setup, creates additional issues with the dashboard. Changing to a Double Din (7 inch x 4 inch) format requires a separate kit to replace parts of the dashboard.

This project is subdivided into two smaller projects, that are each documented with videos, photos and a step-by-step guide. When the project is completed, the entire guide will be made available as a FREE download below.

metra-kit-ford-transitSTEP ONE: Metra Dashboard Kit
Removal of the standard radio and parts of the dashboard which are replaced with a Ford Transit dashboard kit from Metra.
mdvr displaySTEP TWO: Radio/GPS Installation
Detailing the installation of the new 2Din radio, new wiring harness and new antenna connection. A separate GPS antenna is added under the dashboard.

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I’m just a DIY’er with a lot of common sense, but with some of the projects, I use some tools and materials, that require you to really know, what you’re doing. Always read the manual and consult an expert if you’re in doubt.

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