Sun Shade & Drawers

I continue my work on the cabinet doors and drawers, but first, I got myself a very compact sun shade (or night privacy screen) for the windshield of my Ford Transit cargo van conversion.

It’s an affordable way to cover the windshield, yet still compact enough for my limited storage capacity. It doesn’t take much to install, however folding it up, takes some practice. The included pouch holds it all together.

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Cabinet Doors & Drawers

Using 1/2″ plywood, the doors and drawers are covered with a matte, white laminate on the inside and with a glossy white laminate on the front and all four sides.

After cutting, glueing and edging of all the individual pieces, it’s time to add hinges to the doors.

The installation of the doors is surprisingly simple, but the drawers need more work and diligence.

I leave it here after the first two, but 15 or so more are waiting to be finished and installed. It will completely change the look of the interior of the van.


Econour Sun Shade
Blum Hinges
Contact Cement
DeWalt Router
Wood Clamps
1/2″ Plywood
Paint Thinner

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