Van Ceiling Panel – Part IV

In the previous video I was unsuccessful in attaching the ceiling panel with the 3M Dual Lock, velcro-type fastener. Today I have a different approach and use the van’s own hydraulic jack with an extension pole, to force the Dual Lock strips together.

It is a slow process, where I follow each of the two ceiling cross members from side to side and apply force to the panel where the strips of Dual Lock meet.

This strategy worked out well and I got my one inch space above my head back, which makes walking in this Medium High roof van much easier. I will leave this without further support for the next few weeks, to test it all out and will then also install boards along the sides for extra support and a clean finish. By then, I will have added the header board for the cabin curtain too.

Meanwhile I cut another 3/16″ thick plywood panel to size for the kitchen ceiling area, where the MaxxAir roof vent is located. To minimize the effects of cooking on the ceiling, I will cover the panel with a gray Marine vinyl, which is easy to clean.
After applying the vinyl with the same spray glue, the panel is installed. Only then, I can finally retrieve the cover for the roof vent, cut it to size and finish the ceiling.

To finish things up, I use a thin strip of plywood, covered with the Tweed, to create a smooth overlap between both ceiling panels and give them extra support. Black screws with black finish washers are used to secure it to the ceiling cross member.


MaxxAir Cover
Black Screws & Finish Washers
Automotive Tweed Fabric
3M Dual Lock
12V LED Puck Lights
3M 90 Spray Glue
Woodworking Clamps
Jig Saw
Marine Vinyl
Aluminum Angles
Car jack
Utility Knife

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