Adding Amps To The CCP


Some time ago I ordered the CCP upgrade kit from my local Ford dealer and it was time to do the installation.

My Transit van is equipped with only one battery and therefore only one 12V terminal that has a maximum load of 60 Amps. Before my last trip, I installed a small inverter that worked flawlessly keeping my electronic gadgets continuously charged. Yet, for the van conversion I need to maximize the use of my heavy-duty alternator, by installing the extra fuses in the CCP for a maximum load of 180 Amps.

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This weekend I spent about 4 hours to dismantle the battery, its components and the fuse panel under the driver’s seat. The actual installation of the fuses only took a few minutes, but it did show how flimsy the whole battery setup is.

Read about all the details on the CCP project page. View the video & photos and download the free installation guide here.

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