Ceiling headliner removal

021 022Another day, another window frame. Today I first removed the two remaining window frames. They have a little damage and after their repair, I will paint them like the others.


023Insulation has been applied minimally; lots of spaces around the windows and walls are open cavities, like this area under one of the large windows.


For weeks I could not figure out how the ceiling panels were attached to the ceiling. After a lot of prying around, I succeeded in removing one long, narrow side panel, but only after removing the cabin ceiling panel first. It was friction fit and capped by the cabin panel. 024 025


026At one moment the cabin ceiling panel was just hanging by a thread… Doing the work alone has its advantages, but sometimes an extra hand would come in handy.


027I wonder how the interior held it out for 20 years; most of the work I’ve seen sofar is minimal at least. This panel is held up by 3 open clips and 2 screws. In the left rear, you can see the other long, narrow side ceiling panel.


028One of the clips of the cabin ceiling panel.



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