Poll: Wall covering

As always, I am already thinking about and preparing for the next phase in this project.

Time to start working on the walls (and ceilings… and doors…). Currently thin plywood covered with a green headliner fabric with thin foam backing. A lot of the interior will be finished with a reddish cherry, so a different material like fabric would be great. The color should be in the tan/red cherry/dark gray color scheme.

What innovative materials and colors would you suggest?? Poll closed.


  1. Good looking project so far. As for fabrics, generally the ‘furry’ headliners are better in work vehicles that won’t get cleaned often. A smooth leather-look in a light color holds less dust and is brighter inside, meaning less energy used in lighting. If the headliner is too ‘innovative’ in pattern or texture, it will look ‘busy’.
    Personally, I would go with a cream colored leather-like fabric for the headliner and use cherry battens to visually tie it into the rest of the cabinetry. I’d probably also use screws with trim washers to secure the battens rather than plugging counter-bored holes – you will want to run another wire at some point !

    I kicked around the idea of converting an old wheelchair bus I had a line on but decided on building the trailer instead.
    Good job !

  2. I recently discovered outdoor woven vinyl fabric at a discount fabric outlet. They sell it in many different colors and weaves. For an interior application, it should outlast about anything and is easy to clean. I’m using two diffent colors of this material in my travel trailer.It will be used for cabinet door fronts and side panels. Since he material I have has an open weave, it should allow for some air movement into the storage spaces.

    1. I don’t know how that open weave vinyl fabric would work on the walls, but I’ll keep an eye on it. I would like something that has a little warmth to it, in stead of plain cold vinyl.

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