Neodymium Magnets In The Murphy Bed Legs

I’m putting the finishing touches on the Murphy bed and added two strong magnets to each leg.

murphy bed nyodymium magnetsThe legs of the fold down bed have to be secured in two places. When the bed is pulled down, the legs should be extended and held in a 90 degree position and not over-extend.
As the Murphy bed is put away, the legs should hide next to the bed frame and stay put, while driving.
neodymium magnetsThat can be accomplished with a few Neodymium (strong) magnets. I used N52 block bars 1-9/16” x 3/8” x 5/32” (40mm x 10mm x 4mm), one at each end of the side of the leg. After installation of the bed, they will hug a second board with some metal counterparts.

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