Pull-out bed shelf

I have to catch up a bit on things that I skipped, to be able to finish the bed for my recent Christmas trip.

The full extension shelf, hidden under the bed, was partially finished, waiting for a 4″ wood extension to make it flush to the bed side panel. Looking at it again, I decided to start over again and make the whole shelf out of one piece of plywood, within a cherry frame.

40Instead of the regular ¾” plywood that was used, I chose cherry ply to keep it in sync with all the other cherry that I used for the bed. I have only ¼” in stock, so I’ll first add it to some ordinary ½” plywood.

41First I applied Titebond II wood glue, which has some water resistance, to both surfaces. Because of the limited time to apply it, I used a rubber roller to spread the glue.

42A bunch of clamps hold it all together. I can probably continue to work on it after 30-60 minutes, but I’ll wait till tomorrow, just to make sure it has dried.

43There is a small amount of squeeze-out, which indicates a good glue fit.

44Now I can proceed with the frame. I’ll use some 2″ cherry for that. Now I wonder, what kind of connection I’ll create; just glue it together or use a more elaborate mortise & tenon or dovetail?

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