Wall Panel – Part One

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The wall panel on the driver’s side is partially hidden by the Murphy Bed, a closet and part of the kitchen. The main rear side window will be permanently hidden, while the front side window will be available when the bed is in use. The smaller rear side window offers exterior views from the rear kitchen.

The wall panels are temporarily installed, to allow for the fitting of all the components. Insulation and necessary cabling will be added before final installation.

plusnutTwo types of fasteners will hold it all together. A plusnut will keep the structural parts securely connected to the metal walls. They can hold the load of the bed, cabinets and content in place. Ordinary stainless steel rivets offer a secondary attachment method. Some of the visible parts of the paneling will also be covered with Formica.

Some precautions have to be taken when drilling holes in the metal side walls. Factory installed wiring can be behind the walls. Consult the Ford Transit Body and Equipment Mounting Manual (BEMM) to find the NO drill zones for your vehicle before making holes in the metal. Download the BEMM here!

The plywood panel size is 1/8“ x 8′ x 4′ (3 mm x 244 cm x 122 cm) and templates are used to make the necessary cut-outs; some additional window to wall supports are installed where needed.

View a detailed write-up on the project page!

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  1. Those brass fasteners look useful. Where do you get them?
    What size van do you have?
    I am planning to get one in a year.
    The murphy bed idea sounds good. I will search you videos to see if you have described it in detail

    1. I have a 2016 Ford Transit LWB 148″ MR (Long Wheel Base/Medium Roof) All-Around Windows.

      Those ‘brass fasteners’ are called Plusnuts and I got them from Amazon (affiliate link).
      Steel Plusnuts – Pre-Bulbed – 1/4-20 .280 Grip Plus nut pre-bulbed , 100 Piece Box

      You should always get the prebulbed ones and they come in different sizes, but the 1/4-20 ones fit in some of the holes that are already in the walls. They are quite large but are very suitable to bolt your framework and cabinets to the walls. For the lighter stuff I will use ordinary rivets. You can read in much more detail about this project here (or here for all projects).

      This shows all materials and tools that I used and a step-by-step guide that i followed.

      The Murphy Bed/Desk is quite complicated. It has to include the bed, a desk and a picture/painting, give access to the window (when the bed is in use) and able to partially store a kayak underneath. It will also be the location for the electrical system (batteries/inverter/etc). Lots of info here.

      I wish you good luck with your van and keep in touch!

      Van Williams

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