RV Ceiling Insulation

It was time to add some insulation to the ceiling of the van, now that with the Murphy bed installation, access to the ceiling is closing up. I already made the decision to use primarily Poly-Iso and Denim insulation and started to fill the ceiling cross-members with Denim. The cross-members allow for approximately 1-1/2 inch… Continue reading RV Ceiling Insulation

Spray Foam Floor Insulation

Laying a sub-floor in an RV consists of many individual steps. After removing the tie-downs, insulating the wheel wells, creating plywood templates, cutting and gluing the strips of Poly-Iso to the floor, I’m now completing the insulation by filling the voids with a spray foam application. Although it is a closed-cell, waterproof foam, after cutting… Continue reading Spray Foam Floor Insulation

Insulate Your RV Floor – Part Three

Cutting Poly-Iso After having done the preparation by removing the tie-downs and by applying sound insulation to the wheel wells and preparing to cut the plywood by making paper templates. The next step is cutting the insulation boards. Types and amounts of insulation have always been a controversial subject amongst us DIY’ers and in all… Continue reading Insulate Your RV Floor – Part Three

Today’s Snapshot

Another last-minute task. This morning I sprayed the stainless steel bolts, that hold the sub-floor in its place, with some undercoating, to prevent future rust. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting all the details and videos. You can find the project at Mod: Insulated Floor.