How A Simple Inverter Saved My Day!

I’m just at the beginning of the conversion of my cargo van and the decision about the final design of the electrical system is still a long way off. I had to rethink the design again, as I’m preparing for my first multi-day trip with the van. The Electrical System I have long envisioned a… Continue reading How A Simple Inverter Saved My Day!

RV Electrical System: My Setup

PREVIOUS: RV Electrical System: Sizing Now that we have a good understanding of the intricacies of a well-designed electrical/solar system for an RV, it’s time to select the actual components for my upcoming Ford Transit cargo van conversion. Considerations The goal I’m striving for, is a fully electrical, self-sufficient van/RV that can handle a minimum… Continue reading RV Electrical System: My Setup

RV Fridge Checklist: How To Store Your Food On The Road

RV fridges come in all sizes, and more importantly as a single 12V or three-way unit. For years, the three-way fridge has been the traditional unit for use in RV’s, yet it had two major drawbacks: The absorption type fridge requires leveling of the vehicle. It has complicated power source requirements: 12V + 120V wiring… Continue reading RV Fridge Checklist: How To Store Your Food On The Road

“Selecting An RV Heater (Without Going Broke)”

Journey My years of living in a travel trailer have long gone by, yet many good memories linger. Traveling along the highways from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia in the North and Mexico to Guatemala in the South. Visiting many of the well-known and lesser known treasures in North America, often following the seasons to… Continue reading “Selecting An RV Heater (Without Going Broke)”

Power Generation

  After upgrading to off-grid power and power storage, this post elaborates on the available power generating tools for a small RV. The electrical calculations are comprised into a detailed schematic overview, that serves as the basis for the installation. Alternator The extra power from the alternator can be directed to the battery bank, to… Continue reading Power Generation

Multi-Use Cabinet (3)

  Fitting the cabinet in the van The RV’s cabinet overhangs the step-in area at the side doors. A simple box with a Cherry front will fill that in. The extension at the top of the will cover the end of the core bottom panel.   As we are approaching glue-up, it’s time to check… Continue reading Multi-Use Cabinet (3)